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Asking English Questions in a Global Context

How do English language learners develop the ability to ask questions in English? Why do ESL students need so much practice asking questions? What are tag-questions, and why are they so important in spoken English? The grammar and word order of English questions can be...
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Chimayo Press Catalog Spotlight: Compelling Convesations – Vietnam

Vietnamese readers and teachers of English: do you wish to create a more fluency-focused curriculum for your ESL/EFL class this fall? Are you seeking new, engaging communicative activities to encourage class discussions? How about flexible lesson plans with a built-in homework...
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The Fall 2016 Chimayo Press Catalog is here!

Embed from Getty Images   Are you looking to create a more fluency-focused curriculum for your ESL/EFL class this fall? Do you seek new, engaging communicative activities to encourage more class discussions? Is teaching English students to ask better questions and create...

Why Are So Many EFL Textbooks So Bland, Boring, and Culturally Tone Deaf?

Why are so many EFL Textbooks so bland, boring, and culturally tone-deaf?  Allow me to ask a more polite question. How can English teachers working abroad and international English textbook publishers both respect local cultures and create more engaging English classroom lessons?...