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Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics can help you create stimulating English conversations. Focusing on essential fluency skills, Compelling Conversation guides English language learners in exploring our changing world and learning English by doing.
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Compelling Conversations: Questions
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Get Your Students Talking – In English!

Create Real English Conversations In Your ESL and EFL Classrooms

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Conversation Books for ESL/EFL Students

This critically-acclaimed, fluency ESL/EFL textbook series features thematic chapters to create quality conversations. The fluency-focused, communicate books use conversation starters, interview questions, classic quotations, paraphrasing exercises, and traditional proverbs. English language learners share experiences, enjoy lively discussions, and create hours of meaningful conversations.
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Sample Chapters

Explore sample chapters in PDF format, and get your English students speaking in your English class today! Select the conversation materials that best fit your ESL/EFL context:
  • Advanced ESL students
  • Intermediate American English Language Learners
  • High Intermediate Japanese English Language Learners
  • Advanced Vietnamese English Language Learners
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  • Compelling Conversations book cover The art of conversation, once considered the sign of a civilized individual, seems less common today. To people learning English as a second, third, or fourth language, English remains a strange, confusing, difficult, and misspelled language – and it’s easy to feel uncomfortable when speaking in this new tongue. This book helps create memorable English classroom conversations and includes 45 self-contained chapters, asks over 1,350 stimulating questions and features 500 memorable quotations. Chosen by English teachers and tutors in over 50 countries!

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  • Compelling American Conversations book cover This book is aimed at newcomers to the United States, recent and not-so-recent immigrants, who may be studying at an American high school, adult school, community college, or university. Focused on the needs and aspirations of intermediate English language learners, the text shows a variety of ways to create and sustain authentic conversations with a developing English vocabulary, challenging them to reflect and speak about their lives and experiences on 15 topics in class and in English.

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  • Compelling Conversations Vietnam book cover Created for advanced Vietnamese English Language Learners, this book includes thematic chapters to create quality conversations and uses conversation starters, interview questions, classic quotations, paraphrasing exercises, and traditional proverbs to create hours of English conversation and class discussions. It helps students develop greater fluency, develop and express their opinions, build critical thinking skills, prepare for standardized tests with speaking sections (TOEFL, IELTS), and create authentic conversations.

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  • Compelling Conversations japan book cover Designed to help Japanese English language learners describe their lives, share their experiences, and develop their critical thinking skills, the innovative conversation book includes activities for asking questions, paraphrasing proverbs, expressing opinions, comparing ideas, summarize articles/videos, discussing Japanese objects, and give reviews. Each chapter concludes with a communicative exercise where students find articles/videos online, summarize the material, and evaluate the information.

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  • Creating Compelling Conversations cover Create Compelling Conversations with these flexible, communicative activities and worksheets which can be used in academic high school classes, community college ESL classes, and adult education programs.

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